Local Chapters

ncCPAp is continuing to grow and encourages it members to develop and support local chapters.   If you are interested in becoming active in a local chapter, please contact the appropriate representative listed below.

If you are interested in starting a chapter in your region, please contact execdir@nccpap.org

Eastern Long Island
To learn more contact:
James Diapoules, CPA
Phone:  (631) 547-1040

Delaware Valley
To learn more contact:
Joe Lowe, CPA
Phone:  (610) 489-8007

To learn more contact:
Lynne Marcus, CPA
Phone: (561) 625-9550

To learn more contact:
Jeffrey Winer, CPA
Phone: (508) 879-0408

To learn more call:
(516) 997-9500 or visit www.ns-nccpap.org

Special Events
Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium

November 19, 20 & 21, 2014
Crest Hollow Country Club
Woodbury, New York
To register for this event call 516-997-9500

New York City 
To learn more contact:
Anthony Candela, CPA

Northern New Jersey
To learn more contact:
Fred Bachmann, CPA
Phone:  (973) 316-0444

Central New Jersey
To learn more contact:
John Raspante, CPA
Phone:  (732) 216-7552

To learn more contact:
Sanford Zinman, CPA
Phone: (914) 253-6511